I am a photographer living in Worcester Park, Surrey. It was back in 2009 when I bought my first DSLR camera for an abroad holiday, I realised that how many memorable little moments a person could have in his/her life, regardless whether they are colourful happiness or dull sadness, and how quickly these little moments can simply pass without noticing them. I have since then made my mind to capture these precious moments through glass.

By self-teaching as well as learning from peers, a complete new world was unearthed, and I am able to present it via my camera. Photography is indeed a creative way by combining imagination and aspiration to convey the real life from a different angle to people. That is what I believe- life is already there just awaiting for rediscovery.

By living in the UK, a country dotted with of delicate gardens, spectacular landscapes and ever-changing climates, I have plenty of opportunities to practise new skills almost every day. Yes, everyday there is something new to learn. I particularly enjoy landscape and family – the two types of photography blessed by this little island’s cultural and natural legacies.

My daughter Dodo

I took quite a few newborns/toddlers in the past year after my lovely daughter was born. It is indeed enjoyable to watch every stage of your baby growing up and to save them in your permanent memory. In order to achieve that, you need passion as well as patience. If you share my visions, like my works and need my help, please feel free to contact me.